Terms of sale

Our arthropods are insects and insect pin mounted, disinfected and labeled properly.

The species offered have the corresponding permissions set by the law. In the case of species regulated by international law, they will be included with the corresponding number of CITES (only residents of the CEE).

Quality The quality specimens are in A1, unless otherwise indicated feature.

  • A1           in perfect condition
  • A1/A1-     almost perfect
  • A1-          slight friction, suitable pair coleción
  • A2           minimal damage, suitable for decoration.


Discounts  We offer the following discounts:

  • 5% on orders over € 800.
  • 7% on orders over € 1,200.

Returns Complying with current legislation, any material can be returned, for damage, within 7 days after delivering.  The communication must be accomplished within 24 hours of handing. All our deliveries are checked before shipment and can not take responsibility for subsequent handling during transit inadequate. We will only accept returns if the item delivered does not correspond to the order requested. Return shipping costs are on account of the customer.

Note Both by picking directly, and by mailing of the insects, will take place in transport boxes (cardboard), and they will be free for any order. If the customer so wishes, specimens can be placed in our ExpoBox entomological boxes, or in our range DecorBox frames, the cost will be included in the bill.

Payment  Prices are quoted in Euros, VAT included. Payment will be made in advance after receiving the invoice, by bank transfer or PayPal.

Minimum order 20 euros