Domiciled in Madrid, and after more than 25 years devoted to entomology scientific minded, we took the step in 2002, to create our own company.

Although global environmental awareness is growing, the leitmotif that drive to us is the need to generate greater interest in the culture and world around us.

So we seek environmental sustainability, while an advanced aesthetics. The species present in our catalog have been imported from farms responsible for preserving the species from extinction, offering a gene pool that serves to repopulate the ecosystems from which these orders have disappeared or are in clear recession process. These educational farms and / or cooperatives are a real source of income for native people who would otherwise be doomed to fell the forests to sell timber or raise livestock, which is a major ecological disaster for these communities and the environment in which they live.

We specialize in fairs, exhibitions and online sale of insects, both individuals and wholesale. Our customers include Universities, Schools Teachers (public and private), and various institutions.

To our peace of mind, as well as our customers, we can say that all our specimens have the appropriate permits required by the law, and in the case of species covered by international law, they will send with corresponding CITES documentation attached.

A natural insect collection framed, plus an artistic gift, can be both very educational and a natural gift of beauty.

  Our customers are helping has preserve ecosystems and

the animals on them.

InsectosJM is and will be a company based on a deep love and respect for nature.